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Please arrive at least 10 minutes before training starts. We will provide you with everything that you need for the ride: shoes, water and towels. All you need to do is clip in and enjoy the experience. 


Our team is here to make sure your bike is properly set up – especially if it’s your first few training sessions. If you know your settings already, clip in and start warming up. In each training session, expect to challenge yourself to reach newer heights. REVOLUTION RIDE for all levels of fitness and alternatives are given to first timers/ beginners and advanced riders.


The REVOLUTION RIDE experience doesn’t stop once you step outside the cycling room. Our ultra-lux changing rooms allow you to continue your mental and physical journey after class. With amenities like Dyson appliances and Rituals products, we have all the amenities you need to continue feeling like a champion.


Enjoy complimentary detox water and fruits in our bar. Refuel with specialty protein shakes, juices, coffee and tea available for purchase.